Oh Darling, how you prayed for me. How you begged; Lord, send me an angel! Someone to guide and walk beside me. Someone to have and to hold and to keep and to love.

And so I came to you; arms wide open, beating heart in hand. An angel indeed, fealty on raw knees. A fractured wing and broken halo. You said I was worthy and I called you a fool. You called me an angel, but I showed you the truth. My love is just a quicker road to hell.

Am I not the one who beckons you deeper into darkness? Am I not the one who awakens your darkest desires and sighs life into your most secret, damming fantasies? Do you not meet me in your nightmares only to wake to my peaceful slumbering smile? Do I not give you all the twisted things you never knew you’d need? Do I not now own the fervent prayers that pass from your lips? Possess you with each brush of my fingertips?

Am I not your angel? Your devil? Your Morningstar?

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