Hoo Did What?!

I’m Hales Hoo. And I do… a lot.
In this domain, I am a caffeine addicted, sunlight deprived, manic chaotic writer.
In the outside world I’m a nurse, mom, wife, paranormal investigator, sub, and all around hot mess express.
While I have no genre here, my goal is to finish my first manuscript and establish myself in the world as a published, and paid, kink inspired author.
Take a look around, send me a like if anything intrigues, excites, or inspires you.


I Love You. Damn you.

I love you. Damn you. I love you… I love you… I love you. I love you for earning my trust. I love you for making me feel safe. I love you for making me feel wanted. I love you for making me feel alive. I love you for giving me hope. I love you…

Fever Dream

FEVER DREAM©️ Lady Hales Hoover The lights,dimmed and dancingbefore my eyes.The air,thick with trepidation,anticipation.His gaze,locks on mine-steals my breath.His eyes,darken with lustand warnings.A spark,ignites the flamesdeep within.My heart,skips a beatand quickens.The heat,begins to spreadthrough my veins.My skin,traced by callousedgentle fingers.My hands,pull him closertangled in his hair.Our lips,almost close enoughto taste.My body,pleading, needing,bared.Our souls,already intertwined,beckoning.The hunger,consuming,…


‘Spectre’I yearn to be the spectre,the face you can’t unsee.unseen.The touch that you crave,In your sweetest of dreams.You dark wanton fantasy,Just out of reach…The voice, the cry that beckons;Calling your soul to me.I long to be the ghostWho haunts you…Roaming the chambersOf your heart…Wandering your mind…Possessing      Your           Thoughts…

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