Oh Darling, how you prayed for me. How you begged; Lord, send me an angel! Someone to guide and walk beside me. Someone to have and to hold and to keep and to love. And so I came to you; arms wide open, beating heart in hand. An angel indeed, fealty on raw knees. A … Continue reading Morningstar

A Haunting at Hill View

It’s a balmy mid-August morning as we pack up our equipment and bid our host’s farewell. The sun is just starting to peek over the horizon while we load the hard cases and cameras into the backs of our waiting SUV. Per our closing tradition we say a short prayer, dab a spot of holy … Continue reading A Haunting at Hill View

What’s in the Box?

In the depths of my mind is a box full of things; monsters and nightmares and creatures with wings. Beings with claws and murderous shrieks. Venomous fangs and blood drenched teeth. A crate filled with terror and horror and screams. But the scariest beastie inside it is... Me. Not me now, not the me that … Continue reading What’s in the Box?