His eyes- cobalt spheres, a deep blue depth; enticing, luring, beckoning towards the abyss of an unfamiliar darkness, a chasm of hunger and want.

The darkness in his eyes a stark contrast against cream skin. Thick sun-kissed stubble frames the dusty rose curve of his lips. A bright easy smile envelopes a devious tongue. His mouth, an eager explorer leaves no margin of my own undiscovered.

His hands are not gentle, his grip rock-hard around my pinned wrists. The secret darkness in my own desires is awakened. He growls deep and low against my neck, empty words about my body; the ground shudders and I whimper.

He is still as stone, eyes on mine. A lava like heat builds between us. Questions without answers swirl in the chasm of his gaze. His eyes grow cold for an instant but are immediately ignited in a fiery lust.

He takes me hard and fast, not an ounce of reverence in his touch. He crashes into me and the ground around us becomes unsteady. My body trembles and soon I am an earthquake capable of crumbling mountains.

I cry out into the void and he plunges deeper and deeper into me; pushing himself to the peak and over. I watch his eruption. Then gravity returns, suffocating gravity dragging us down with the weight of what’s been done.

The unanswered questions remain. But for now we lay among the rubble.

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