I Love You. Damn you.

I love you. Damn you. I love you... I love you... I love you. I love you for earning my trust. I love you for making me feel safe. I love you for making me feel wanted. I love you for making me feel alive. I love you for giving me hope. I love you … Continue reading I Love You. Damn you.

Fever Dream

FEVER DREAM©️ Lady Hales Hoover The lights,dimmed and dancingbefore my eyes.The air,thick with trepidation,anticipation.His gaze,locks on mine-steals my breath.His eyes,darken with lustand warnings.A spark,ignites the flamesdeep within.My heart,skips a beatand quickens.The heat,begins to spreadthrough my veins.My skin,traced by callousedgentle fingers.My hands,pull him closertangled in his hair.Our lips,almost close enoughto taste.My body,pleading, needing,bared.Our souls,already intertwined,beckoning.The hunger,consuming, … Continue reading Fever Dream

Never Touching; Touching Everything.

Headlights cut through the flitting snowflakes through my window. My heart races. He’s here. Why is he here? He left a party. Left his buds. Left the booze. For what? Supernatural reruns. Stale Doritos. A worn merlot loveseat. Snoring, slumbering toddlers; one wall away. Sobriety. Reruns. Toddlers…. Why is he here? Our hands rest inches … Continue reading Never Touching; Touching Everything.