I Love You. Damn you.

I love you. Damn you. I love you... I love you... I love you. I love you for earning my trust. I love you for making me feel safe. I love you for making me feel wanted. I love you for making me feel alive. I love you for giving me hope. I love you … Continue reading I Love You. Damn you.


Recently my youngest started asking questions like- 'Are you sure this is okay to do?''Are you sure this is safe?''You're sure Mommy?' Instead of leaping from the couch cushion to her blanket island floating in a sea of 'lava' she now pauses and calculates the distance; 'Are you sure I can make it that far? … Continue reading doubt

Broken Toys

If you heard the thoughts in my head,You would think me mad. Defective. A limbless baby doll, swept under the bed.Forgotten. A racecar with missing wheelsbeneath the stove.Discarded. A teddy bear with no stuffing,between the couch cushions.Abandoned. If you knew every tear that I shed, you would think me damaged.Broken. No one plays with broken … Continue reading Broken Toys