To Be(lieve), or Not to Be(lieve)

The trick is to never let yourself believe them. Care for them, let them make you laugh, let them win you over.Give them hope and promises for forever. But never believe them when they say they're going nowhere. Want them, want their bodies and their hearts and their smiles.Earn them. Take them. Hold them. Fuck … Continue reading To Be(lieve), or Not to Be(lieve)

Broken Toys

If you heard the thoughts in my head,You would think me mad. Defective. A limbless baby doll, swept under the bed.Forgotten. A racecar with missing wheelsbeneath the stove.Discarded. A teddy bear with no stuffing,between the couch cushions.Abandoned. If you knew every tear that I shed, you would think me damaged.Broken. No one plays with broken … Continue reading Broken Toys