Good Night. Good Girl.

"Don't stop... Please, don't stop", I beg. "Please don't stop, please don't stop." He mocks my plea, his voice pinched and forcefully high. "Please don't stop. Pathetic" he growls the last word, enunciating each syllable. My blood heats as he pushes and pulls and twists harder with every word. The sound of his mocking voice … Continue reading Good Night. Good Girl.

Never Touching; Touching Everything.

Headlights cut through the flitting snowflakes through my window. My heart races. He’s here. Why is he here? He left a party. Left his buds. Left the booze. For what? Supernatural reruns. Stale Doritos. A worn merlot loveseat. Snoring, slumbering toddlers; one wall away. Sobriety. Reruns. Toddlers…. Why is he here? Our hands rest inches … Continue reading Never Touching; Touching Everything.