A chance meeting, an unfamiliar place, a strangers face. You find kindred spirits in the strangest of places. Or at least I do. Or have. Or am... I digress. Conversations with a stranger leading to talks with a friend. A polite handshake turning to familiar hugs goodbye. The tip of a hat to a kiss … Continue reading Commonality


How do you describe the indescribable? Sunsets over mountaintops.An infants first laugh. A true loves first touch.A devastating heartbreak. A picture may capture the likeness of sight; but, nameless colors and textures no artist can replicate. A video may let you relive the moment but the sound will never vibrate inside you the way it … Continue reading Indescribable


Recently my youngest started asking questions like- 'Are you sure this is okay to do?''Are you sure this is safe?''You're sure Mommy?' Instead of leaping from the couch cushion to her blanket island floating in a sea of 'lava' she now pauses and calculates the distance; 'Are you sure I can make it that far? … Continue reading doubt

To Be(lieve), or Not to Be(lieve)

The trick is to never let yourself believe them. Care for them, let them make you laugh, let them win you over.Give them hope and promises for forever. But never believe them when they say they're going nowhere. Want them, want their bodies and their hearts and their smiles.Earn them. Take them. Hold them. Fuck … Continue reading To Be(lieve), or Not to Be(lieve)

Never Touching; Touching Everything.

Headlights cut through the flitting snowflakes through my window. My heart races. He’s here. Why is he here? He left a party. Left his buds. Left the booze. For what? Supernatural reruns. Stale Doritos. A worn merlot loveseat. Snoring, slumbering toddlers; one wall away. Sobriety. Reruns. Toddlers…. Why is he here? Our hands rest inches … Continue reading Never Touching; Touching Everything.