Fever Dream

©️ Lady Hales Hoover

The lights,
dimmed and dancing
before my eyes.
The air,
thick with trepidation,
His gaze,
locks on mine-
steals my breath.
His eyes,
darken with lust
and warnings.
A spark,
ignites the flames
deep within.
My heart,
skips a beat
and quickens.
The heat,
begins to spread
through my veins.
My skin,
traced by calloused
gentle fingers.
My hands,
pull him closer
tangled in his hair.
Our lips,
almost close enough
to taste.
My body,
pleading, needing,
Our souls,
already intertwined,
The hunger,
consuming, devouring,
The dream…
Is Ending?
Or Begining?

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