On an earth made perch, beneath the pine and the birch, I bask in the sun by your side and wonder…
Is there more to you than graceful curves and foaming crests; beneath the facets do you hold secrets of your own, or only the ones I’ve whispered?
If I were to stay here, in time would you smooth the jagged edges of all I’ve shared with you?
If you are depth and mystery, tell me; what lurks below your shimmering surface!
If I were to surrender would you envelope me in warmth and comfort or pull me into a frigid abyss? Would you cradle me gently or bash me against your hidden stones?
Does your soul meander, steady and slow; or are you a rage of rapids leading to an overthrow?
I can’t swim, so I’ll never know.

(I’ve used some of these lines-and will again. But to swim in the depths would be a sin)

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