A night of new toys…

‘Humble.’ One word from his perfect mouth and she is on her knees, head resting on forearms, ass on full display. The deep purple lights are slightly disorienting as the blood rushes to her head; maybe she should have taken that a little slower, but she’s just too damn eager to please him. The lights don’t last long anyway as he tilts her chin upwards and slips the thick blindfold over her eyes.

He lifts her hair and instinctively she straightens her spine, offering him her neck. He places her play collar and tightens it slowly until she nods, turns the key and smooths her hair before kissing her lightly on the forehead; she knows this will be the last gentle touch she will feel until they’re done here. This thought is confirmed as he yanks her chain roughly downwards before locking the ring of the collar onto the short metal bar beneath her chin.

She lowers her head back into position and he moves to crouch behind her. His warm hands guide her feet where he wants them; cold metal brushing her skin as he latches the rough leather cuffs to her ankles. He pulls her hips upwards, forcing her higher onto her knees, and backwards; positioning her already dripping slit against the head of the thick dildo locked to the bar behind her. Her pussy is coated in anticipation; the minutes have dragged on for days since he told her of his plans to break in some new toys. He pulls her backwards slowly, forcing the head between her lips, stretching her just slightly. His hand firmly on her lower back tells her to be still; he doesn’t want her to take it all…yet.

Moving back towards her front he asks if she remembers her hand signals; 1- yes I’m alright/keep going. 2- I am nearing my limits. 3- STOP/safe-word; she demonstrate the three as he voices them. ‘Perfect; well done’ he praises, causing her insides to quake.

He moves to latch her wrists; ‘Too tight?’ he asks.

‘No Sir’ her reply. He pulls them another notch tighter, turns the keys and tosses them to the side.

‘Comfortable?’ He croons.

‘Not really Sir’ she giggles.

‘Good. Open your mouth.’ she obeys and he pushes the thick rubber bit past her parted lips and between her teeth. He taps her rose colored ear buds and confirms the music is playing before encasing them behind heavy noise canceling headphones.

She is locked into place, on her knees, thighs spread wide. Her ankles secured to a wide spreader bar; from the middle of that bar another reaches vertically upwards, a long thick dildo bolted to the top. A longer bar protrudes from the front of the spreader travelling the length of her torso before meeting with another; her wrists locked to either end and collar secured in the center.

He smiles to himself; she is unable to move other than to rock forwards and backwards. She cannot flee, or resist. She cannot see or hear save for the music thrumming into her ears. She cannot speak… or effectively scream. She shifts backwards just slightly and is met with a quick slap to the ass. She stills and awaits his command.

Another strap of leather is placed around her torso and pulled to rest on her hips… her pussy spasms; another new device! The metal contraption was her own request and purchase; but this is a surprise all his own. He latches the harness around her waist and between her spread thighs. Suddenly a shockwave of vibrations erupts against her clit. She moans as he adjusts the settings, fighting the urge to squirm and press her ass back towards him.

His hands are on her hips again, not gently, but thumbs pressed deep into flesh and fingers curled around bone as he gives her a swift yank backwards. She gasps at the intrusion of the thick phallus being driven into her to the hilt. Her back arches as she tries to pull forward but her collar catches, holding her taut. He pushes her forward slowly before yanking her backwards again. Again and again she is thrust onto the foreign shape, the vibrator never breaking contact with her swollen clit.

He continues this assault until she is a whimpering, quivering, mess. Drool spilling from her mouth with each whine, sliding over her chin and down her neck before pooling at the top of her collar and dripping to the floor; she is blissfully unaware as her orgasm builds. He feels her tensing as she nears her peak and digs his fingers deeper into her flesh as she digs hers into the thick carpet beneath them. He quickens the motion of her body being impaled on the dildo until she erupts around it. He guides her through the waves punctuating each spasm with a hard slap to her ass.

She levels off and he releases her flesh; a hand on her spine guides her back and forth now giving silent instruction before breaking contact. He walks around her, circling her like a hawk tracking his prey. He strokes himself to the sight of her writhing, her hips circling and back arching in unison driving herself towards another orgasm. He stoops to lift her face and wraps a hand around her neck, squeezing tight as he drags the bit from her mouth, leaving it locked he lets it dangle around her pretty neck like an extra collar.

She licks her lips and whimpers as she feels him unlock her collar from the bar; she doesn’t want it to be over yet. Her leash is yanked upwards and her elbows come off the floor, arms locked straight now as he thrusts his cock into her mouth. She gags and he stills; holding her head against him as she adjusts to his width nestled in her throat. The gagging passes and he begins to move- slowly at first before taking pleasure from the tears slipping from behind her blindfold. He fucks her throat roughly as the minutes pass. She feels him begin to swell even further and knows he is nearing his release. But instead of filling her throat with his cum he withdraws suddenly, replacing his cock with the bit again.

Her collar is locked once again to the bar and he watches as she pulls against it, testing him. She is still pulsing against the dildo, slowly pressing herself backwards until the metal bar is settled between her plump, now red, ass cheeks. She circles her hips before dragging herself forward, leaving just the head of the fake cock buried inside her. The thick liquid sheen of her arousal coats her thighs and drips from the dildo with each thrust. He watches for a moment, amused by the thought of her scrubbing her juices from the carpet tomorrow, before returning to his task of torturing her senseless.

Strikes from the red and black leather flogger begin to rain down on her porcelain skin leaving faint and quickly fading lines in their wake; her ass, her thighs, her back and her shoulders, covered in pink and red. Over and again he rains the blows down on her until she comes again. Her orgasm rewarded with his cock in her mouth once more… she sucks hard and swirls her tongue around his head each time he draws back; he tastes like honey and sin and she is intoxicated by the flavors of him.

He breaks away from her throat and binds her again to the bars. Minutes pass, she continues writhing, grinding herself into oblivion with the false cock. He chuckles as he lifts the strawberry scented candle from his table and returns to her side before slowly dripping the hot wax down the length of her spine and over her gyrating ass cheeks. She moans loudly, her hips bucking at the sudden sensation of heat where the cool air had been.

He moves away, sprawling himself out on the bed to watch; cock in hand he strokes slowly. Occasionally reaching out to send bites of electricity to her skin with the prod; he grins each time she yelps and grows even harder at the sound. He watches the sweat start to glisten on her forehead, watches the goosebumps form and trail down her back; over her thighs and calves and he knows she is getting close again. She starts to fight the coming orgasm, lifting herself to escape the vibrator still held to her. She’s corrected by a quick rap of the crop to her ass. The sting sends her over the edge and the shockwaves blast through her body. She screams and moans and whimpers her way through the orgasm; lost to the world as he loosens the bolt on the middle bar behind her and withdraws the dildo from her reach.

Her body collapses atop the bars as the last spasms wrack through her. His hand tangles in her hair before yanking her back upwards onto her hands and knees before taking her roughly from behind. He fucks her hard as he rips the harness from her body and tosses it away. Then the headphones. He pulls her head backwards as far as her collar will allow and plows into her with enough force to dislodge the bar holding her down. Minute after minute passed and she faintly worries she may pass out. He had warned her before beginning that if she did indeed pass out, he was still going to fuck her and fill her. She almost wanted to give him that pleasure, but he had another idea before the darkness overtook her.

He leaned over her, still thrusting and stopped the music. ‘Come again pet, come with me, come now.’ He growled, the rumble of his voice seemed targeted at her pussy and the timbre sent her over the edge immediately. They come together; her cries met with his deep moans as his warm seed fills her. She pushes against him and clenches her walls around him; milking him of every drop- it’s one of her favorite parts.

She collapses again as soon as he stops throbbing inside her. He immediately pulls away from her and leaves her there. A broken, thoroughly used, dripping, wet mess; a tangle of leather, chain, metal and used flesh on the floor.

(Don’t worry loves; I was of course immediately released and tended to appropriately. After care is paramount to Sir and I am never treated poorly by Him)

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