I am . . .

I am a purple vase of sunflowers; slowly decaying on a dining room table.
I am a beard of Spanish moss dangling from a Florida tree; a home to snakes, and new bird nests.
I am teal blue ocean waves and white sand covered toes; a pile of broken shells left to the tides.
I am a hike through rolling green mountains and bare feet on river crossed logs; the scent of petrichor and running water.
I am a shelf of antique tea-cups; shattered and re-pieced, displayed on fragile saucers.
I am wine corks stained red and bottle caps in a jar; drunken nights and broken bottles.
I am a field of fresh spring daisies waiting to be picked; and crunchy leaves on a sidewalk, begging to be stepped on.
I am moonlight rituals and silent prayers; faith lost and rebuilt.
I am wanton desire and unbridled passion; and occasional destruction and sometimes disaster.
I am drowning tears and phoenix flames; fading just to rise again.
I am restless days and sleepless nights; and all the colors of dawn and twilight.

I am these things and a million more. These are just a few of my favorite parts.

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