Good Night. Good Girl.

“Don’t stop… Please, don’t stop”, I beg.
“Please don’t stop, please don’t stop.” He mocks my plea, his voice pinched and forcefully high. “Please don’t stop. Pathetic” he growls the last word, enunciating each syllable. My blood heats as he pushes and pulls and twists harder with every word.

The sound of his mocking voice sends hurdling towards the edge and I feel myself tightening around his fingers- I fight against the building orgasm. He hasn’t granted permission for me to come yet. But fuck me the mocking drives me wild. He takes me right to the edge before disregarding my pleas and pulling out of me before the coming eruption can fully manifest.

“You know better, pet. You don’t come until I say so! Get your ass on the bed” he growls, “Now!”

I slide off of the table and stumble; my legs boneless and weak. He catches me, of course, he always catches me.

“Thank you, Sir.”

“Quiet!” He snaps, pushing me forward towards the bed before grabbing the back of my neck and shoving me face first onto the mattress. He lifts my hips as he pushes me forward and positions himself between my thighs.

He toys with me, rubbing the bulging head of his thick cock over my clit and between my spread lips; covering it in my juices. I push backwards, just a little, just enough to entice him to take me. He doesn’t bite, but his palm coming down on my ass does.

Stay still” he barks, a second strike landing. I stifle a cry and he chuckles; deep and low. He trails the fingers of one hand up my spine while the other pistons his cock against my dripping entrance. Up and down his fingers glide, keeping rhythm with his head gliding against me. Up and down, up and down, increasing the pressure of his fingernails with each pass. The lines on my back redden to match the fingerprints and palms he’s imprinted on my ass.

His fingers leave my spine and suddenly his fist is knotted in my hair. My head is yanked upwards. He pulls me up, onto my elbows and stills. Only for a moment before jerking me backwards roughly, into him and around his thick, hard cock. I cry out at the fullness and pull myself forward, another blow lands as he again demands I be still. The sting is sublime.

“I don’t like repeating myself, pet. If you want me to stop say the word; otherwise, behave and take it like the dirty little slut you are.” He pauses, “Do you want me to stop, pet?”


“No, what?” Crack! His palm meets my cheek once more.

“No, Sir. I do not want you to stop, Sir”

“Good. Now behave.” He strikes my ass again and I moan. His tangled fingers tighten and he pulls backwards again, filling me, stretching me. Over and over he pulls me into him, his hips rolling forward each time.

I moan involuntarily with each thrust. Fuck I love his cock. His girth is divinely torturous, almost painful; his length almost too much for me for take… almost. He fills me wholly, mercilessly, exquisitely. I relish in his desire for me; though I doubt it matches my own for him.

He releases my hair and my elbows collapse leaving my head and shoulders to fall to the bed. His hands are on my hips now, fingertips digging into my soft flesh. He continues to fuck me, fast and hard, and I sense the frenzy building within. I feel him start to swell and I know I’m not alone in my need for release.

“Sir!?” I cry, a plea and a question.

“Yes, pet! Come. Come with me. Come NOW!” He growls into my ear.

I obey, my orgasm ripping through me. I tighten and spasm around him as he pumps his climax deep within me. He stills, his cock twitching inside me. I tighten and release my walls around him, rocking backwards and pulling forwards just slightly… milking him of every drop. He hisses and slaps my ass once more before rolling to the side and pulling me to him.

I am drifting, floating, basking in the afterglow and savoring our connection. My head resting on his chest, his fingers tracing lines on my skin, and he whispers in my ear…

“Good girl.”

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