How do you describe the indescribable?

Sunsets over mountaintops.
An infants first laugh.
A true loves first touch.
A devastating heartbreak.

A picture may capture the likeness of sight; but, nameless colors and textures no artist can replicate.

A video may let you relive the moment but the sound will never vibrate inside you the way it does that very first time.

A thousand touches may follow, but none will carry the weight and warmth of that very first one.

Even pain has its value; it reminds you you’re alive.

Take time to feel it all. Watch the sunset, or the sunrise. What do you see?
Put the phone away, close your laptop, listen. Can you hear it? The world around you… Touch. Touch everything. Tell me how it feels. The skin beneath your fingertips. The ache in your chest reminding you your heart’s still beating.

How do you describe the indescribable if you never experience it?

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