To Be(lieve), or Not to Be(lieve)

The trick is to never let yourself believe them.

Care for them, let them make you laugh, let them win you over.
Give them hope and promises for forever.
But never believe them when they say they’re going nowhere.

Want them, want their bodies and their hearts and their smiles.
Earn them. Take them. Hold them. Fuck them.
But never believe they want you, never believe they are yours.

Love them, ease their pain, heal their hurt, build them up
and make them whole.
Give yourself to them; but never wholly.
And never believe the pretty words they say in return.

Give them your love, your body, your mind.
But never believe they feel the same.

Because when they’ve had their fill of you;
when they’ve taken your love, and your heart.
When they’ve satisfied their cravings for your body,
and fucked you long enough to be bored.
When they are whole and you are empty…

They leave.

And when they leave, they will lie.
They will say it’s your fault.
When they leave, they will take your care,
and your want, and your love;
and they will leave you nothing.

You will hurt, and you will pine,
begging for explanations that will never satisfy.
Longing for closure that cannot suture your soul.

But if you never let yourself believe in them,
in their love, or their lust, or their promises,
if you never believe they were really yours;
it hurts less when they prove you wrong.

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